Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kitty Diet

My good friend has asked me to look after her kitties while she's on vacation. When I entered her house, I was met by her two kitties. They were looking forlorned and knew I was there to feed them and clean their potty box. But, there was something else I could dedect in their glare at me. I opened the can of cat food and discovered it was "diet" food. That's what they were trying to tell me - they don't like diet food. They also told me about a big bad dog that lived there for a while and they are joyous that the dog decided to join his owner in new premises. Well, I hope my friend doesn't think I'm trying to usurp her, but I did break down today and brought them "real" cat food. They were delighted and quickly devoured it. I told them that was the end of the "real" food for now and they would have to get serious about their diets. They both agreed. If they don't tell their owner I helped them fall off the wagon, then I'll have to.

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MaryWalkerBaron said...

Every dieter needs a friend to break the calorie restricted drear. I'm sure your friend appreciates the treat you brought those cats. If I were a cat on a diet, I know I would have been thrilled by a special treat from a special friend.