Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Okay, maybe it wasn't the best decision I have made as a mother... but it's done.  Tomorrow morning at 8:00AM my sixteen year old son will have three impacted wisdom teeth removed from deep inside his mouth.  Yes, I realize it is the day before Thanksgiving but between the orthodontist warning me that all the dental work previously endured  would be ruined and my son's unrelenting soccer schedule, honestly,  it was the only time. These horribly evil teeth have to come out and out they will come.  
This is a child that loves to eat but truly has difficulty consuming enough calories to maintain his weight.  He runs everywhere stopping only to refuel and sleep.  Have I told him that he may have to eat his Thanksgiving dinner through a straw?  Have I told him that he might not be feeling very festive? Does he realize that he'll only begin to feel like his old self  again when it's time to go back to school on Monday?   I am not feeling very wise.  As I look at his sweet and trusting face I decide ignorance is bliss.   You think I would have gotten the hang of this mother thing by now.  


Marnie said...

You do have "this mother thing" now - you're doing what every good mother would do - like it or not. Sometimes us mothers have to make unpopular decisions. Good job Mom!

Arava said...

thanks for the vote of confidence!